Earth Puzzle


Earth Puzzle is a new kind of 3D puzzle game.
Thanks to an intuitive gameplay, rebuild those beautiful spheres and their various patterns.

Several difficulties are available from the easy and fun puzzles to some much more challenging ones (where some parts are linked with some others)
The young players and the more expert ones will both be satisfied.

Using great sounds and animations, solve the puzzle like if you were trying to crack a safe.
Unlock new features as you progress.

Play it your way. In portrait or landscape. On IPhone, iPod or iPad.
Compare your skills with your friends with the achievements and scores from game center.

This game was created using Cocos3D (with Cocos2D)



Capturas de pantalla del iPhone

Capturas de pantalla del iPad



  • New : iPhone 5 Screen support.
  • New : Retina display on iPad 3.




Earth Puzzle está disponible gratuitamente en App Store

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