Morse-It is an easy to use application that allows to translate, interpret, type, learn, convert Morse code, and much more.
It is retina display enhanced, universal binary (run on iPhone/iPod and iPad), and is compatible with VoiceOver.

Type some text and it will be automatically encoded into some fullscreen flashing effect of the associated Morse code.
The flash light of your device will also be used.

Your SOS messages will be seen quite far away !

Some sound will also be played accordingly. In detailed mode, the text being encoded is scrolling through the decoding process.

Tap some morse code onto the screen and the program will translate it into some text.
Different input types are handled : Novice, Straight key, Memory Paddle, Iambic Paddle (A and B), Microphone. Left and right handed modes supported.
Test and improve your skills : are you good enough to be understood?

Create audio files containing Morse code in a dynamic way or from a given text.
Use those files as you wish : listen to them to train your decoding skills or use them as ringtones for your phone.

Exclusive feature allowing to decode, in real time, the Morse code recorded from the microphone (if available) into Text.
Some automatic calibration is performed, allowing adaptation to speed, tone and volume changes.

The full Morse alphabet can also be consulted and the associated Morse code can be played.
Tapped and decoded text can be edited and exported to the clipboard, the In-app email and SMS.
A special screen allows textual conversion of morse code and text. Exchange encoded messages with your friends.

Wikipedia and Visual Mnemonic screens allowing to get informations and mnemonics regarding morse code.
You can also add your own web sites for an in-app consultation.
All the application is highly configurable (Frequency, WPM, tone type, color, morse characters, variables ...)

Premium features can also be unlocked as a single in-app purchase :
Koch trainer screen, CWops Academy learning method, Quiz screen, Prosigns, Macros, Dictionaries : abbreviations, QSOs, mnemonics, Timing (farnsworth) and Morse alphabet/prosigns personalization, look customization ... and more.

Morse-It is powered by Icom, a world leader in the amateur radio market.

!!! As seen on TV !!! (UK) in Most Haunted Live: Apparently you can use it to communicate with ghosts (no guaranty though)


(v8.2.1 with premium features)



Premium in-App purchase

The premium features of Morse-It can be unlocked thanks to an in-app purchase.
They are mainly dedicated to those who want to learn Morse code efficiently, those who want to improve their skills, and those who just want to practice.

This unique purchase contains all the following features :



Hardware Interface

It is possible to use Morse-it with external hardwares thanks to its Hardware Interface feature.
You can use external keyboards, iCade compatible controllers, or MFI Game Controllers to control the different Key types displayed on the screen.
The most enthusiastic will even be able to interface their favorite Morse Code key thanks to that feature.

Game Controller

MFI Game Controllers are game controllers that can officially be used on iOS devices.
Every button can be assigned to the dit or dah areas of the touch screen.

iCade Controller

iCade compatible game controllers are supported.
In fact those controllers are seen as keyboards by iOS.
To work correctly, those controllers send a different keyboard character to generate a button press and a button release.
(this is necessary, because it is not officially possible to detect key presses and key releases on iOS).
Every iCade button triggers two keyboard characters (one for press and one for release) which can both be associated to the dit or dah areas of the touch screen.


Keyboards, connected using bluetooth, or using USB (thanks to a Camera Connection Kit), can also be used.
Every keyboard key can be assigned to the dit or dah areas of the touch screen.

Morse Key : iPac / Makey Makey / Adafruit Feather / VBand adapter ...

For the enthousiast, it is possible to connect a real key to the iOS device, and to use it thanks to those supported Interfaces in Morse-it (Game Controller / iCade / Keyboard).

A ready-made solution can be to use the VBand adapter created by Ham Radio Solutions (click here, then click on the "Store" button) which turns a Morse key into a usb keyboard.
In order to use it with your device, you will also need a usb to lightning adapter, like the one proposed by Apple, here.

Here is a great video from NexxuSix/KD9MED explaining you how to configure the VBand adapter with Morse-it.
Sum-up: To configure the VBand adapter in Morse-it:
(iOS13.4 or higher is mandatory)
  • as a straight key : Go to Global > Hardware Interface > Straight key > Keyboard> and set Key to Left Control
  • as an iambic key : Go to Global > Hardware Interface > Iambic/Memory > Keyboard>, set Dot to Left Control and set Dash to Right Control
Also don't forget to set your Key type Global > Key type accordingly (Straight or iambic key).
In his blog, Joshua explains in details how to connect an iAmbic key (with support of the dit/dah pressed at the same time).
He is using an Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE (connected to the device using bluetooth).
He is kind enough to share, not only step by step instructions, but also the full source code used to configure the Adafruit.
Here is an explanation on how to connect to your Morse Code key, using either a 2-wire or 3-wire interface, to the Morse-it Keyboard Hardware Interface.
A Camera Connection Kit and an iPac2 are used.
Check this great tutorial video from NexxuSix/KD9MED for more information.
Here, the default Morse-it configuration is used :
  • Straight Key press = Space Bar
  • Iambic Key dit = Left Arrow, Iambic Key dah = Right Arrow
(Many thanks to user KD9MED for his help and knowledge regarding this connection).
As showcased by N2RKL, a Makey Makey can also be used to connect an external hardware to Morse-it.
A Camera Connection Kit is used to connect the Makey Makey to the device.




  • Possibility to disable the visual feedback (flashes) on the Paddle (in Settings> Global> Key type).
  • Hardware interface : new keyboard keys supported : Alt, Shift, Control (both left and right), F1, F2...




































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