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Thanks to this application (and the other Widget apps from PacoLabs), you can now customize the Home screen and the Today view of your device, by adding custom widgets for some specific purposes.
From anywhere in your device, you'll have access to your own information and actions.

Add various widgets for your different needs.
You can, for instance, add a calendar that will display the current month and the busy days.
You can add your favorite photos of your beloved family and friends.
You can add your horoscope, a photo of the day (from the internet), some audio notes, some world clocks and more...

The application contains some free widgets like the Note widget allowing you to quickly view and edit some text notes and reminders and the Decision widget allowing you to randomly choose one item among several choices.
Each other widget type can be tried and can be unlocked separately.
You can also unlock all the current and future widget types at once, if you are a widget addict !

Those Widgets are compatible with the new iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets.

The application is really easy to use and is adapted to the fresh look of your device.
Dark mode of iOS13 is supported.

In Today view:
You can add as many widgets as you want and they will be displayed in up to 3 different lists. Those same lists will be available in the Today view and in the application (although it is possible, if you want, to hide some widgets in the Today view).
To avoid overloading the Today view, when too many widgets are displayed, an intuitive control will allow you to navigate from one widget to another.
Even if the main purpose of the app is to view the widgets in the Today view, it can also be very handy to view them directly in the application (a long press on a widget in the Today view will open it directly in the main application).



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(v2.0 on iPhone 6)
(v2.0 on iPad)

iPhone Screenshots

iPad Screenshots



  • General changes:
    • Optional buttons to add interactivity to most home screen widgets.
    • Widget settings are now saved when you exit the app while editing (you don't have to press Done).
    • Ability to use a custom image as background for all widgets whose purpose is not to display images.
  • Date Countdown Widget:
    • A new widget to display the number of years / months / days remaining until (or elapsed since) a given target date.
  • Count:
    • Optional widget action to increase/decrease/reset the counter.
  • Calendar:
    • Optional widget action to change the calendar month.
  • Decision:
    • Optional widget action to get a random decision directly on the widget.
  • Audio Note:
    • Optional widget action to trigger a play or record in the app.
    • Stop and save recording if you exit the app while recording.
    • Cancel record button for when the record button is pressed accidentally.
  • Photo of the day:
    • New touch action to zoom in and out of the photo in Home screen widgets.
    • A specific action can be set when the photo is touched.
  • RSS:
    • New touch action to zoom in and out the photo in Home screen widgets.
    • A specific action can be set when touching the photo.
  • Photo:
    • New touch action to zoom in and out the photo in Home screen widgets (when multiple images are displayed).
    • Ability to crop the photo (with different predefined proportions if needed) after the photo is selected.


















v4.0 (4.0.1/4.0.2)




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We do not collect any personal information in this app.
For some of our applications, we may use anonymised analytics information to better understand how the users are interacting with the app in order to improve it.


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