Morse-it Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 27, 2023

Terms of Service

When the user buys the Morse-it application, a lot of utilities and fun features are provided automatically.
Most of them are explained in the application description and are visible in the application screenshots on the App Store page.

An additional subscription is also available (as a renewable in-app purchase) to unlock a whole new set of features, mainly dedicated to social interaction and community sharing.
These social features require an Internet connection to be validated and used.

As long as this subscription is valid, some learning features are also available in addition to the social features, allowing you to learn Morse code in an efficient and enjoyable way.
These learning features (only) can also be unlocked thanks to a one-time in-app purchase (in case social features are not wanted or Internet is not accessible).

About social features (which require the creation of a user account): In order to protect other users, inappropriate behavior may lead to a suspension of the user account.
In this case, the user will be able to contact support for more information, and if necessary simply cancel his subscription.

Privacy Policy

If you're using the app without the social features, everything happens on your device and no personal information is required or sent to our servers.
Some anonymous analytics events may be sent to Firebase analytics to better understand how users interact with the application in order to improve it.

To use the social features (which require an internet connection), you will need to create a user account.
Firebase is used for authentication (which is one of the most secure services). It associates your email address with an anonymous ID.

This anonymous ID is then used on our servers to identify the user account.
The user messages you send are stored on our servers for distribution to the users you share them with.
Some configuration files are stored on our servers so that they can be shared and restored from one device to another.
Some specific information (like the game scores you made, the last radio transmission) is temporarily stored on our servers (or in Firebase) in order to make the feature (they are used by) work correctly.

Our only goal is to provide you with the best possible features.
No personal information (such as your name, address, or phone number) is requested, required, or obviously sold.
If necessary, you can request an account deletion from the application's account screen, which will permanently delete all your user messages and configuration files from our servers.